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If the saying that ‘clothes maketh the man’ is true then the follow-on is that ‘hangers maketh the clothes’ as the type of hanger used when showing off clothing really does have an effect on how the item is viewed.

There are three main types of hangers that we supply. Ones that are shaped like a pair of shoulders, where they fit garments that have shoulders such as jackets, dresses and shirts. Some may come with a bar across the bottom which accommodates trousers as well. Another sort of hangers have a clip at each end for suspending skirts or trousers on, while most of this sort have extendable arms so that any hanger can be made to fit the waist band of any size garment.

Most types of hangers that you’ll find in stores and retail boutiques are made in wood and plastic, while a more luxurious range of hangers may be covered in velvet or fabric and padded out for further protection of the clothes.

Why would you want hangers: 3 benefits

1. Let the wrinkles fall out

Clothes always get wrinkled when travelling, after ironing before storing in your wardrobe, or after laundry (for laundry services), but the use of a simple hanger can work wonders and almost 9 times out of 10, most wrinkles will fall out of a garment overnight.

2. Let your hangers do the talking

When creating an image for a clothing shop, or even for a large personal wardrobe, it is well worth the time and effort to think about hangers. An array of specially bought hangers, perhaps all in the same colour and style will look stunning and do wonders for the overall retail and boutique effect.

3. Think more than just clothes

The humble hanger can do far more than just support dresses and suits. It can be used to support belts, neckties, scarfs and many types of accessories, while the more luxurious ones can also be scented so they give your whole wardrobe a wonderful aroma. These hangers work for all occasions, such as in work (for retail, bazaars or rental) to home, to school projects and more.

The Hanger Shop, Singapore

The Hanger Shop, Singapore, by Asia Mannequin, is an online web shop serving hangers of different types, from clothes hangers, coat hangers, laundry hangers, children hangers, pants and skirts hangers, clipped hangers, velvet hangers, wooden hangers, metal hangers, scarf and tie hangers, swimwear hangers and more.

Founded in early 2010, we’ve since served thousands of customers islandwide from retail and fashion boutiques, to wedding planners, to retail blogshops, concierge services, and to home and domestic users.